Polar Design's Business Class services provide discriminating enterpreneurs and small business owners affordable design and web site packages to increase online sales or develop a quality, custom corporate image. Since 1999, Polar Design has served over one hundred clients ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 1000 corporations realize sales, marketing and brand goals with the highest level of quality and service.

Our new Business Class site displays the types of services requested most frequently in the past years, ranging from logo animation to bundled hosting and content management solutions. With our experience, scale and proprietary project management processes, we can now offer these services for substantially less without compromising quality and service.

Polar Design continues to provide custom branding, multimedia and design solutions, as well as custom software development apart from the packages offered on this site.  As always, we combine highly specialized teams to consult with clients on their unique needs. If you are interested in "custom" services or have needs outside the scope of the Business Class packages described here, please visit our corporate site at www.polardesign.com